2017 Honda CRV – Redsign, Release Date, Best Car Review



We expected additional, however on the 2017 Honda CRV we have a tendency to won’t see a whole plan. there’ll be no major changes, however engineers have ready plenty of modifications and updates. Anyway, the new 2017 Honda CRV can look awful, as always. At the side we are going to for certain be ready to notice new grille and a sensual bumper which supplies a compact and durable look to the front facia.

Headlights with trendy reflectors and new fog lights are a number of the new characteristics. once it involves the scale of the vehicle, they’re going to stay a similar, and complete exterior look of the automobile won’t get any extra changes. not like the outside look, the inside can expertise a large makeover. There we are going to be ready to see some new class of seats with 10 levels of adjustment, heating choices, animal skin upholstery and rear seats with foldaway possibility.

The new 2017 Honda CRV are equipped with the most recent technology options and gadgets like seven in. High-resolution bit screen show, USB property, Bluetooth, Speed sensitive volume management, six giant speakers with sub-woofer and alternative recreation options. 2017 Honda CRV model can receive a brand new upgraded suspension, which can improve its handling, stability, exactitude and lightsomeness. of these features will show us which vehicle are both comfortable and fun to drive.

2017 honda crv configurations

Best Car Review ENGINE

The 2017 Honda CRV will be powered with a 1.8-liter four cylinder engine which might be borrowed from HR-V model. It will be capable to produce 141 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque. Best Car Review might also feature a hybrid engine which is made for the nature lovers. Other options are probably going to be 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter petrol engines. First one will be capable to deliver 155 horsepower while the bigger one will be able to produce 185 horsepower.

2017 honda crv ex-l navi

Honda’s determination to put some excitement back into its products manifests in the CR-V with excellent chassis dynamics and sharp steering. A stiffer steering column and fluid-filled suspension bushings are said to deliver both better ride compliance and more precise path control. You can rush this car if you need to without everything falling apart and your passengers screaming for relief.

It holds a corner with confidence and connects you with a direct line to the pavement. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that one of project leader Takaaki Nagadome’s first jobs at Honda was body engineering for the original NSX.

As in the Civic, the CR-V’s automatic is continuously variable on paper but feels like a conventional step-gear transmission in motion. It “upshifts” at the top of each ratio, the numerical value of which is known only to the software. It could be said that the Honda CVT gives us the best of both worlds:

step-gear familiarity combined with continuous variability that is invisible to the driver. And, unlike conventional automatics, there’s virtually no kickdown shock when you leg the accelerator for passing.


According to some sources the new 2017 Honda CRV Hybrid should cost around $55,000 although it’s perhaps a little more than the expected price. Hopefully it will be on the market by the end of next the year.

2017 honda crv interior colors