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When practicality is paramount, 2017 Honda Pilot all other considerations sit even further back than usual, ­particularly style. Take three-row crossovers, a genre with space for all manner of considerations. Once you package three rows of seats, plump out the silhouette to maximize interior volume, and pull the beltline low for the sake of visibility, you’re left with a fairly bland template onto which to project your brand’s aesthetics. Not that buyers in the big-crossover class seem discouraged by their vehicles’ sameness sales success in mainstream segments often requires automakers to color inside the lines. That Car Value Sites, the crossover’s role as a minivan surrogate means that plenty of its passengers will color all over the interior.


In the construction of the new body, the 2017 Honda Pilot will have lightweight materials that make this vehicle easier. With reduced weight the car has reduced fuel consumption too. Although they have reduced the mass of the car by using lightweight materials, its dimensions have been increased. The mask of the new 2017 Honda Pilot will be modified, streamlined and modern look will complete chrome parts. On the new redesigned bumper we will find new fog lights. Front and rear lights will be equipped with the LED lamps that will improve visibility. The new 2017 Honda Pilot should possess alloy wheels of 18 inch. Spacious interior of this vehicle comes with three rows of seats for 8 passengers. It will be very elegant and well equipped. Spacious cabin provides enough space for the head and legs, but also for luggage, which previous models did not have. Seats will be upholstered with the finest leather and built-in heater will also provide maximum comfort for passengers. Technical support is indispensable. The cabin of the new 2017 Honda Pilot will come with a touch screen with an updated infotainment system.

2017 honda pilot interior



Under the hood of the new 2017 Honda Pilot we will find a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This power unit will be capable to produce around 290 horsepower and a torque of 362 Nm. This model will feature two versions of the transmission. It will be a 6-speed manual and a 9-speed automatic transmission. Drive of the basic version will be on the front wheels while, and the all-wheel drive will be optional. The 2017 Honda Pilot will be capable to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just about 8.9 seconds.

2017 honda pilot side

WHAT WE LIKE: Seats this comfortable encourage long-distance drives, especially when they’re heated and ventilated, and the Pilot’s 280-hp V-6 makes merging into any traffic just a squirt of gas away. After nearly a year, the styling is starting to grow on some of us. Well, as long as we hold a hand over one eye so we don’t have to look at the minivan-esque nose. But we’ve been noticing some previous-generation versions around. Remember how bizarre they looked?

WHAT WE DON’T LIKE: The variety of ways Honda has found to make the fundamentally inoffensive notion of a three-row crossover illogical and weird. The stop/start system continues to win detractors, its unpredictable behavior meaning that it spends most of its time disabled. Ditto the adaptive cruise-control system, which we tend to turn off so that we have regular old cruise control—which still allows a startling discrepancy between set speed and actual speed. And the throttle mapping, which is so abrupt that we’ve been toggling the system to Econ mode to soften powertrain response. It always sounded exciting to crawl into a race car and have to flip a bunch of switches—for the fuel pump, fan, water pump, et cetera—before pressing the start button. When that sequence is reversed and, after starting, you have to hunt around for buttons to disable a bunch of unsatisfactory systems, it’s a lot less cool.


The new 2017 Honda Pilot could be expected on the market at the end of the current or early next year. The price is quite acceptable for a SUV vehicle, and it will range around $30,000.

2017 honda pilot front